Standard Bank Somerset West Branch Code

Standard Bank Somerset West Branch Code

The branch code of every bank is unique, and its main purpose is to avoid any mishap during the payment transfer process. If your beneficiary has a bank account in the Somerset West branch, you must enter the Standard Bank Somerset West branch code 033012.

When you are new to the banking world and would like to open an account, you would be very excited about it. No matter your reason for opening a bank account, you must understand how money is paid and transferred. The best way to do this is to familiarize yourself with all the banking details, including the account number and the branch code. The Standard Bank Somerset West branch code can be found in various places in the mobile banking app and on the bank statements.

Is There A Branch Code In A Branchless Bank?

You may find a few banks in South Africa that may be branchless, and these are known as digital banks. The branch code would remain the same for anyone who banks there. As the bank operates digitally, it will have a single code that you can use.

Remember that as a customer, there would be no physical branch where you could open a bank account. It is worth mentioning that this code’s first two digits and the other four digits would remain the same for any individual who tends to use this digital bank.

Is The Branch Code On The Card Different From The Online Banking Account?

Although there are many other places to find the Standard Bank Somerset West branch code, you can also find it on the credit or debit card that has been issued to you by the bank. You will find it on the front or back of this card. It normally features alongside your bank account number.

Remember that this branch code remains the same through the online banking platform and the card, which means that it is not different. The main reason is that the branch code refers to the bank and its branch, not you as an individual or the bank customer.


The first two numbers of your Standard Bank Somerset West branch code identify the bank where the account has been opened, while the last four digits represent the branch and location. With the help of these numbers, it becomes possible for any financial institute within South Africa to know in which branch of a bank you have opened a bank account.

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