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FNB Bank Branch Code

FNB is the oldest South African bank; its branch code is 250 655.

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Over the past few years, we have been able to see technological advances in all fields of life, and the same is the case with the banking industry. There has been a great advancement in operational and security, whereas the top banks always aim to improve the overall customer experience. There was a time when people had to look up the bank branch codes for the EFT payments to different banks, but now things have changed, and it is easy to get the bank branch code of any bank.

In South Africa, there are a number of banks offering ideal services to their customers, and out of these, FNB is the oldest and at the top of the list. If you are an FNB customer, you may need an FNB bank branch code to make bank transfers. Although a universal branch code is also an option, a branch code is required for certain transactions. Its website has a handy branch locator; one can even look for specific ATM machines.

Why do we Need an FNB Bank Branch Code?

There is a huge number of banking services offered by FNB for its clients so that their banking needs can be simplified and they can easily make their daily transactions. It includes different types of business accounts, ATM solutions, merchant services, business loans, overdrafts and insurance products.

With the help of the FNB bank branch code, you can easily make all the payments to your suppliers and creators. For all the services, the bank branch code plays a central role as it is necessary for all banking transactions. The branch code also makes the banking applications handled in an easy manner, and any of the issues can be eliminated as you can enter the right branch code by looking at the branch locator on the FNB website. This way, you can be sure that the payment goes to the right recipient, and that is why millions of customers in South Africa and other countries prefer FNB.

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What Services Does FNB Offer to its Customers?

  • Personal Banking

If you want a one-of-a-kind banking experience, head for personal banking at the First National Bank. The main purpose of personal banking for being top-notch is that the bank believes in its customers and all they have accomplished.

  • Business Banking

There are a number of business banking products offered by the FNB to its clients, and therefore, it is committed to serving their needs. The experts at the FNB are working hard for their clients so that they can have the greatest experience.

  • Mobile Banking

Mobile banking through the First National Bank is ideal for those who are constantly on the move. As the clients always keep connected with their bank, so FNB makes sure that it gives them all the opportunities. Therefore, banking at the fingertips is always the best way.

  • Commitment to the Community

One of the main priorities of FNB is its commitment to the community. They have made it possible by achieving greatness by working together for the betterment of the community.

Which Payment Options are Offered by FNB?

There is a constant evolution in digital and mobile technologies, which has enabled new payment methods and money transfers beyond having a bank account. FNB, or the First National Bank, is an innovator that keeps investing in payment solutions to stay ahead of market dimensions and evolving customer requirements. The following are some of the payment options that FNB offers.

  • Payments Through the Cell Phone
  • Payments to the South African and Global Bank Accounts
  • In-store or Online Payment
  • Sending Money Through an e-wallet
  • Sending Money Through Different Currencies
FNB Bank Branch Code

As the payment environment is changing on a regular basis, FNB makes sure that the customer doesn’t rely on cash. The FNB bank branch code is a useful option for customers that can meet all their daily requirements. Whether it is the branch code or the universal branch code, FNB remains committed to investing in different modernization programs and offers the most diverse payment solutions centered on the customer and the business value.


Online banking has made it possible for customers to make electronic fund transfers (EFTs). For this, the FNB customers need an FNB bank branch code to complete the transaction. Otherwise, a universal branch code has also become a great option, and many people are taking advantage of it. When you have the bank branch code, it means that you can use the particular branch. Electronic transfers can be made to any recipient, and you can do this by getting the list of the branch codes that FNB offers. For more convenience, not only the branch codes, but you can also get a lot of required information about a bank branch.

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