FNB Brooklyn Branch Code

FNB Brooklyn Branch Code

Any bank branch that participates in funds transfer is regulated by the Central Bank and has its own branch code that is assigned by itself. The code for the FNB Brooklyn branch is 251345.

A bank transfer happens when you send money from one bank account to another. Normally, the process of transferring money from your bank account is quite quick. Other than that, it is also free and safe, as compared to withdrawing them or paying somebody in cash. There are several ways through which you can make a bank transfer, but whenever it is about making payments online, you will always require a bank branch code.

FNB is one of the largest South African banks, and people recognize it as a leader in innovation. As an FNB customer, if you like to participate in the electronic ways of transferring money, then the branch code of the destination branch of your receiver is a must to complete the transaction. When it comes to finding your FNB Brooklyn branch code, you need to use the FNB branch code locator. This tool is designed in such a way that you can easily find any branch code of FNB with complete details of the branch.

When Do We Need The FNB Brooklyn Branch Code?

If you want to use the FNB Brooklyn branch code, you need it to transfer the funds from your bank account in one branch to another account in the Brooklyn branch. Other than that, you may also require a branch code when you have to send or receive money from any bank in South Africa or when you are making electronic transactions. In simple words, you will require your bank branch code at some point during a bank transaction.

There are a number of people who have to make transactions to different branches of FNB regularly; therefore, it can become difficult for them to remember or find the required branch code. The best way to get the FNB branch code is to visit the FNB website and use the branch locator. Other than that, the bank statement and the checkbook also have the branch code, and therefore, finding it should never be an issue.

What Information Does A Branch Code Display?

The FNB Brooklyn branch code is basically an identifier of the Brooklyn branch of FNB. Any individual can use it with a bank account number in order to send money to the payee. As the SWIFT code is used for international transfers in all parts of the world, a branch code is quite similar to that, but it can be used for both local as well as international transfers to South Africa.

When we have a thorough look at the branch code, it is a 6-digit number that helps to identify the location of a unique bank branch. The following information is contained in it:

  • Its first two digits indicate the financial institution or the bank where you have to transfer the money.
  • The third digit refers to the state where the bank branch is located, whether it is FNB or any other South African bank.
  • The last three digits of the branch code provide the specific address of the bank branch.

Are There Any Differences Between Bank Account Formats In South Africa and Other Countries?

If you want the bank to recognize the individual bank account and then send money to it, you will require both the branch code and the account number. Banks in other parts of the world may have more than 6-digit branch codes for the users to transfer money between different bank accounts. It would be best if you also kept in mind that there could be a small transfer fee for transferring any funds.

Some banks in other countries may have as many as 16-digit numbers. Their first six digits represent the code of the bank as well as the branch, similar to South Africa. It is then followed by the seven digits that represent the bank account of the individual. The last three remaining digits of the 16-digit branch code specify the kind of bank account that accepts the transfer. It can either be a business, checking or savings account.


Undoubtedly, your FNB Brooklyn branch code is a useful tool for you as a customer and the bank. One of its main advantages is that it can make funds transfer quick and easy. As an FNB customer, knowing your specific branch code is better. If you don’t have it, you can get it from the FNB website, your checkbook, bank statement, or you can always contact the FNB customer service to get the unique branch code that you want. By having the correct branch code, you will be able to stay prepared for any future bank transactions.

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