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FNB Business Branch Code

As it has become possible for FNB customers to use EFTs, it has become essential to have the FNB business branch code, which is 250655.

FNB business branch code must work after you enter the code given above, but if it’s not working, read the complete guide below or watch the detailed video:

When we want to make a bank transaction, we already know that transferring money is more complex and challenging than putting cash in an envelope and then mailing it. If we happen to send money this way, it can be risky as well as unsafe, and therefore, our money transfers should be tracked carefully by financial institutions. Using branch codes is one way through which the banks help their governments track money flow.

When an individual makes a bank transfer, the branch codes are helpful to make sure that money is being sent to the correct bank and account. FNB is one of the oldest South African financial institutions that has been offering some of the best banking services to clients for decades. As a client, you can always use the FNB business branch code for a hassle-free banking experience.

What are the Different Kinds of Bank Identification Codes?

Many of us must be familiar with the term ‘Identification Code’, but it can have different meanings, depending on the type of bank transfer you are making. The following are some of the common types of bank identification codes.

  • Business or Universal Branch Code

You need the FNB business branch code for making the Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs). The best thing about the universal branch code is that it is safe and secure, and as a customer, you don’t require a unique branch code to complete the payment process.

  • SWIFT Code

It is one of the most common types of identification codes that specific banks and their branches use for international transfers. The SWIFT code is set according to ISO 9362 and can have more than six characters to determine where the account information will be sent.

  • IBAN

The term IBAN means ‘International Bank Account Number’, and people use it for international money transfers. The bank itself assigns IBAN rather than the central bank, and is one of the most widely adopted codes in all parts of the world. Normally, it would help if you had IBAN when you have to send money directly to any bank account anywhere in the world.

FNB Business Branch Code

Do We Need a FNB Business Branch Code When Using the FNB App?

The most important thing for any individual is to understand the basics of a branch code because this way, one can completely understand how FNB or any other bank makes the transactions successful. Normally, you need to use the FNB business branch code to send money to any branch of FNB in a quick manner, but if you use the FNB app, you will not be required to take the extra step of using a specific or the universal branch code, and therefore, it will save your time.

The FNB app is designed to make things easy when transferring money. With this app, you will only be required to know your recipient’s individual bank account information if you have to send money directly to the bank account. The best thing about the FNB app is that you are not limited to transferring money to a bank; you can go for mobile money, cash pickup and even home delivery.

Can We Send Money to Someone Who Doesn’t Have a Bank Account?

Online money transfer is quite simple, and the entire process can be done with just a few clicks. If you want to send money to a recipient who doesn’t have a bank account, you can use the following ways.

  • Mobile Money

One of the quickest methods of sending money is to transfer it to the recipient’s mobile wallet. Normally, the recipient doesn’t even require a bank account to set up the mobile wallet.

  • Cash Pickup

This is another easy way to send money to a person without a bank account. In this method, your recipient can pick up the amount at your chosen location. You will have a list of different options, and you will need the name of the recipient. The payee can pick it up with the ID when the cash gets ready.

  • Home Delivery

You can also deliver money to the home address of the recipient. Although sending money through this method can take time, it can be very convenient for your recipient, especially for the one with limited mobility.


There is a huge number of banking services offered by FNB to its business clients so that their banking needs can be simplified and they can do their daily banking transactions with ease. The FNB business branch code has become possible to make your payments to your suppliers or the creators without any issues. The best thing about the business branch code is that you will be reassured about entering the right branch code, and this is why hundreds of thousands of FNB customers choose FNB for their business.

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