FNB Cresta Branch Code

FNB Cresta Branch Code

FNB has a branch in the Cresta shopping center in Johannesburg, and its branch code is 254905.

If you are regularly involved in money transfers with local and foreign banks, you need to know the bank branch and SWIFT codes. When we talk about the unique branch code, it is used in South Africa and many other countries for identifying the banks located in a particular country and all its respective branches. A SWIFT code is used globally and is one of the primary means of money international money transfers.

FNB is one of the oldest South African banks that has branches in all parts of South Africa. Out of various branches, the FNB Cresta branch code is a unique identifier code associated with this particular FNB branch. Those involved in phone or online banking through FNB require this code to complete their electronic fund transfer.

Introduction to the FNB Cresta Branch Code

A bank branch code is a code used by banks in South Africa and many other parts of the world. This particular code consists of six digits that are divided into three pairs. Like the other codes offered by the banks, the purpose of this code is to identify the bank’s location where the account is kept. Normally, its first two digits are the identification number of the bank, but in some cases, it also describes the bank.

Features of a Bank Branch Code

  • Many people may need to have information that the FNB Cresta branch code and codes of other branches are integrated and then encrypted into the IBAN bank. This code is helpful for the bank to identify and transfer funds to the respective branches and accounts.
  • The bank branch code is not only used in South Africa, but many other banks use it to get identified and their locations in different parts of the country.
  • The bank branch code, although used in a similar way in different countries, is regulated by their authorities. It is best that the branch code is not confused with the SWIFT code.
  • If the person is looking for the branch code of their bank account, they can easily find the code in the statement or the card that the bank issues to them. Other ways of getting the code are visiting the respective bank’s website or finding it in the checkbook.

Where Can We Find the FNB Cresta Branch Code?

It is always challenging to find the bank branch code because, just like the account number, this six-digit number is printed on the contact information, bank statement, or bank card. This bank branch code is also highlighted on the account dashboard of the app as well as online banking.

Another question that many people ask is how to know the bank’s address from the branch code. The address that corresponds to the FNB Cresta branch code can easily be found by using the online branch code tool. However, it is important to keep in mind that the majority of banks have multiple branches. Therefore, if you are asked about the bank branch address when filling out a form, it is always best for you to enter the bank branch address where you opened your account. It is worth mentioning that the branch code may not address a specific location.

What is the Main Difference Between a Bank Branch Code and a SWIFT Code?

The major difference between the two is that a branch code is purely numeric, whereas a SWIFT code is alphanumeric. The branch code comes in handy when we need to make bank transactions within the geographical limits of the country. On the other hand, a SWIFT code, by its design, facilities international financial transactions in a seamless manner. The length of the two codes is another major difference that can easily be identified.

The SWIFT code may need the member financial institutions to comply with all its basic security principles. This kind of code also sets up firewalls so that the bank can prevent any financial complacency with security and financial fraud. In other words, the SWIFT code is backed by financial institutions from all parts of the world, and its payment system is known to be a trusted medium for making international financial transactions in a completely secure manner. 


If you have a bank account in the Cresta branch, the FNB Cresta branch code will be available on your bank statements, bank-issued cards, and also online banking. Those who have a checkbook can make use of it as the branch code is also printed on it. Whether it is the bank branch code or the SWIFT code, both have their own roles. The idea is to have smooth day-to-day transactions and ensure that the payment goals of the customers are always met.

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