FNB Rosebank Branch Code

FNB Rosebank Branch Code

A branch code of a bank is its important element. The FNB Rosebank branch code is 253305.

These days, people make even the smallest of purchases online, and even if a purchase is not from an e-commerce store, online payments are required for person-to-person transactions. This is the reason why the majority of people enquire about the bank branch codes because they need to complete the cash payments. As FNB is one of the largest South African banks, so they handle a big portion of remote payments and cash transfers.

A branch code is a familiar feature in the banking world because there were branch codes even in the days of analogue banking. Those who want to send money to the Rosebank branch of the First National Bank may need the FNB Rosebank branch code so that it becomes easy for a bank to send money to a particular location. Normally, the branch codes are mentioned when the banking transactions come up.

What Is A Branch Code?

A bank branch code is a way of safely and conveniently sending money across with a quick speed. FNB has several branches in all parts of South Africa, and it has multiple branches in large cities. This is why it needs branch codes so that every bank branch can easily be located. The FNB Rosebank branch code is a 6-digit number that acts as the branch’s identification. It is worth mentioning that each bank branch in South Africa is required to have a unique branch code so that the systems are able to route the transactions to the intended branch.

Despite the growth of digital and mobile banking, a bank branch plays an important role and is seeing consistent engagement. Although the preference between a digital channel and a bank branch is split, there are many who actively use both types of bank offerings, and that is why every bank has to develop strategies accordingly. Branch banking may be less popular, but it still is used for functions that one can’t complete online.

Can We Change The Bank Branch Code?

It is not possible to change a bank branch code because it is assigned to the physical branch location of the bank, and only the bank has the authority to change it. However, it is possible for a customer to update the contact information, which includes the contact number and email address. By doing this, the clients can be sure that they are able to receive notifications and updates from the bank about the account.

There are times when a bank has to go through internal restructuring, they get merged or acquired, and this is when the branch code can change. If this is the case, then it is important for you to update the account details. If you are an FNB customer, you can easily update the branch code by updating your bank account online.

Major Differences Between A Branch Code And A SWIFT Code?

The following are some of the important differences between a branch code and a SWIFT code.

  1. When we talk about the bank branch code, it is a unique number of a bank branch that can be used for digital money transfers. On the other hand, a SWIFT code is a globally recognized one and can be used for international money transfers between banks, whereas it can also be used for message exchange among the banks.
  2. A branch code is developed by the Central Bank, while the SWIFT code is approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  3. A branch code is provided to all the bank branches in South Africa, which also include FNB. Conversely, only those banks can take part in international money transfer that has the SWIFT code enabled.
  4. The bank branch code in South Africa consists of six characters, whereas the SWIFT code has between eight to eleven characters.
  5. It is possible to find the bank branch code on the bank’s website, branch locator, banking app and chequebook. When we talk about the SWIFT code, it is available on the website of the bank.
  6. The main difference between the two is that the bank branch code is used for interbank funds transfer, while the SWIFT code can be used for the transfer of funds between two banks internationally.


A branch code is one of the most crucial elements in any bank’s operations, and therefore, it is essential for the customers to understand its purpose and use. The FNB Rosebank branch code is important to help identify the Rosebank branch, thus facilitating interbank transactions. Other than that, it also helps to ensure that the money is credited to the correct bank branch. It is easy to find the branch code for any FNB branch as it is important for making numerous transactions that also include EFTs.

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