FNB Tzaneen Branch Code

FNB Tzaneen Branch Code

The Tzaneen branch of FNB is a cash dispenser located in the Limpopo province. The FNB Tzaneen branch code is 260349.

When we intend to take a money transfer to another bank account, it becomes necessary that the other person has knowledge about the branch code where the bank account is held. Over the past few years, branch code has become an important part of the mechanism to get money transferred. If you are an FNB customer, you need to know the branch where the account is held so that electronic transfer can be undertaken seamlessly.

If you want to transfer money to the Tzaneen branch of FNB, you will require the FNB Tzaneen branch code to successfully transfer money. Tzaneen is a popular tropical garden town situated in the Limpopo province and is known to be the largest pine plantation producer in South Africa. Thanks to the branch code, one doesn’t need to waste time standing in long queues and get payment transferred at their fingertips due to the advent of technology.

Where To Locate The FNB Tzaneen Branch?

The First National Bank location address in Tzaneen is 64 Agatha Street, Tzaneen. If you are a regular bank customer, you may need to visit the bank in person in order to perform different financial and banking transactions. By visiting the Tzaneen branch, you can access internet banking, loan, life insurance and mortgage services offered by the FNB.

Before you visit the FNB Tzaneen branch, it is always better to call the customer service representative for directives. Although the best way to use the FNB services is to use your FNB app, sometimes, you need to visit in person, and that is where knowing the banking hours is also important. If you use the FNB Tzaneen branch code to send money to your family member or friend, you will be able to transfer money to this particular branch in no time.

Does Branch Code Remain The Same For All FNB Branches?

You need the FNB Tzaneen branch code to send money to a recipient at the Tzaneen branch, which means that the branch code never remains the same for all the branches of FNB. It would help if you kept in mind that its first few digits might be the same, as they refer to the name of the bank, but the rest of the digits will be different as they represent a specific branch of FNB and also give an idea of the location where the branch is situated.

If the bank account holder has more than one bank account in the same FNB branch, the branch code will still remain the same. You will be able to see the branch code imprinted on all the checkbooks and passbooks because the bank account is in the same branch of FNB. People have a misconception that the banks themselves create the branch code, but one should keep in mind that the Central Bank is the only authority that can generate and allocate the code to various branches of a bank.

Things To Remember About Branch Code

  • It is Unique

A branch code is always specific for each branch of a bank, and there could be no occurrence of an instance where it might be repeated between different banks. The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) system is made based on the account number and the branch code of the receiver or the sender.

  • The Central Bank has Complete Authority

The Central Bank has the right to generate, alter or cancel any branch code. In South Africa and all other parts of the world, the Central Bank can make any amendments regarding branch code when required. Therefore, a customer needs to be vigilant and ask for the checkbooks and bank statements reflecting the desired changes.

  • Double-Check the Code Before Making Transaction

If you are an account holder in FNB, then double-check the branch code. Even if you visit the FNB website or use a third-party website, make sure it is accurate. Before you proceed with a significant amount, it is always suggested that you transfer a minimal amount to make sure that your transaction is undertaken in a safe and secure manner.


The extensive branch network of FNB helps ensure that all its customers can conveniently access numerous banking services and their bank accounts. Whether it is about opening a new bank account, depositing cash or seeking financial advice, you will receive prompt assistance from FNB’s friendly staff. It has strategically located branches in all parts of South Africa, and each branch is allotted a branch code as an identifier. With the help of the FNB Tzaneen branch code, you can easily make electronic payments in a quick time, without any errors, and it will give you the best banking experience.

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