Standard Bank Blue Route Branch Code

Standard Bank Blue Route Branch Code

The Standard Bank Blue Route branch code is 025609, and it is a unique code that is a combination of numbers. No matter what kind of fund transfer you make through your bank, you must have a valid branch code.

When you initiate a fund transfer through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you have to provide all the bank details, including the bank’s name, its branch, the account number of the beneficiary, and the branch code. If your beneficiary has an account in the Blue Route branch, then you need to enter the Standard Bank Blue Route branch code to complete the transaction. Keep in mind that fund transfer through the Standard Bank branch code is convenient, safe and secure, and it takes a few minutes from initiation time.

Is The Branch Code The Same For All Bank Branches?

It cannot be the same for all bank branches, whether it is the Standard Bank Blue Route branch code or any other code. Although you may find its initial numbers to be the same, which may refer to the bank’s name, the rest of the digits that represent the bank branch and its location are always different.

If a customer holds more than a single account in the same bank branch, the same branch code will be imprinted on all the checkbooks. So, if he has to receive any amount in any of the accounts, the same branch code has to be given because the account is in the same branch.

Things To Remember About Branch Code?

  • It is Allotted by the Central Bank

Some people have a misconception that the bank itself makes branch codes. The Central Bank is the only authority that generates and allows these codes to different branches.

  • It is Unique

One cannot imagine the occurrence of an instance where a branch code could be repeated among different banks. It is unique for every bank and its branch. Online payment is based on the account number of the customer and the branch code.

  • Central Bank has the Authority to Change it.

Whether it is about generating the code, altercating it, or canceling it, only the Central Bank has the right to do that. So, if it is updated, the customer has to be vigilant and ready for it.


As an account holder, it is important that you make all the efforts to double-check the Standard Bank Blue Route branch code, even if it is from a third-party website. This way, you can be sure of accuracy in using the code. As a bank customer, it is always suggested that you start with transferring a small amount before you send a significant amount to ensure the transaction is safe.

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