Standard Bank Branch Code Pretoria

Standard Bank Branch Code Pretoria

If you are wondering how to locate the Standard Bank branch code Pretoria, you can use its website for the addresses and contact numbers. The branch code for Pretoria is 010045.

In South Africa, branch code has immense importance in carrying out all the transactions in its banking system. You can easily find it online or print it on the checkbook and the bank statement. The Standard Bank branch code Pretoria consists of six characters and is assigned by the Central Bank to identify the bank branch. Keep in mind that those who understand the branch code system can determine the location of the branch code from its six digits.

How To Find Your Standard Bank Branch Code Through A Bank Check?

When you look at the checkbook provided to you by the bank, you will see several unique and vital codes on it. This checkbook may have the check number and the branch code to make the Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs). As a bank client, you need to understand it.

On the top left of your checkbook, you will see the bank’s name, while beneath it will be the account number. Just under the account number, your Standard Bank branch code Pretoria will be present, provided that you have opened your account in the Pretoria branch of Standard Bank. This code is sometimes written beside the bank name, so you will be able to find the code there.

What Happens When You Make a Payment by Using an Incorrect Branch Code?

When we use the wrong branch code instead of the Standard Bank branch code Pretoria, which belongs to the same bank, your money will get transferred without any issues. It is quite a common mistake that some people make, and it doesn’t affect the process of transferring money.

On the other hand, if you enter the wrong branch code and it goes to a different bank branch, then there is a possibility that the bank will reject the transaction. Remember that the code’s main purpose is to identify the precise branch so that the monetary transaction gets transferred to the correct address.


Banks in all parts of the world use a branch code, but its length can vary according to country. There is a completely different identification number that the Standard Bank gives to each of its branches. The Standard Bank branch code Pretoria represents the location of the bank branch, while it also gives additional information about the bank so that the payment process is hassle-free.

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