Standard Bank Clearwater Branch Code

Standard Bank Clearwater Branch Code

If you want to make EFT transactions with Standard Bank, you need a specific branch code. The Standard Bank Clearwater branch code is 001206.

Standard Bank is one of the country’s largest banks, with more than 100 branches. There are a number of branch codes that you can choose from according to the desired branch location. The Standard Bank Clearwater branch code is used to verify the customer’s identity where the account has been opened. This way, one can have a seamless banking experience from the home or the office.

Why Is The Branch Code Important For Bank Transactions?

It doesn’t matter what your payment method is; if you want to complete a fund transfer to the Clearwater branch of Standard Bank, then you require a Standard Bank Clearwater branch code for it. Your specific branch code is a combination of digits that play an important role in your financial transactions.

The introduction of the branch code has made online banking transactions quicker and easier for customers. Your unique branch code can be used in conjunction with the method through which transactions are tracked right from the beginning of the process to the bank branch where they originated.

What Does The Standard Bank Clearwater Branch Code Consist Of?

Every bank branch in South Africa has a unique branch code system. Before you make any transactions, you must understand this system. Having the right branch code is important to ensure that your bank transaction goes as intended and that the payment transfer happens to the right individual. Make sure that you check your Standard Bank Clearwater branch code when sharing it with others.

  • There are six digits in the branch code, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a specific or universal branch code.
  • The first two digits of the code represent the bank, while the remaining digits are there to identify a specific branch.
  • Different branches can have different codes even if they are situated in the same town or city.


Standard Bank is among a few South African banks operating nationwide and in many offshore locations. It uses a branch code system, as each branch is given a specific branch code. Online banking and Standard Bank Clearwater branch code are linked together inextricably, so one has to be well-versed in its importance. So, as a Standard Bank customer, you will be able to make transactions better.

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