Standard Bank Cresta Branch Code

Standard Bank Cresta Branch Code

The Standard Bank Cresta branch code is 007254, and you can use this code to send funds to any bank branch in South Africa through digital payment platforms.

Those looking for domestic money transfers or dealing with them frequently must have stumbled upon the word ‘branch code’. There is a chance that this term may have scratched some people’s heads, but many don’t know what it is. The Standard Bank Cresta branch code is integral to money transactions in South Africa. Those who use it could either be startup founders making payments to the distributed workforce or an individual who would like to help another friend in another city.

Are There Any Bank Charges For Using The Branch Code?

You don’t have to pay any additional charges for using the Standard Bank Cresta branch code. The charges for transferring money between different branches of the same bank are different from the fund transfer among separate banks. The rates could be high with some banks.

Some banks may charge more, even if you have to transfer a small amount domestically. This is why you need a banking service like Standard Bank that charges less fees and offers transparency in the process. It is quick and easy to use, and you don’t have to pay an absurdly high amount for sending money.

Does Your Branch Code Change With The Change In The Bank Account Number?

It is quite rare for a branch code for any bank to change. Normally, it remains the same even if your bank account number has to change. If you happen to move your bank account to a different branch of Standard Bank or any other bank, then the code will change.

Even though your account number would remain the same, the bank will allot a new branch code to you, where your bank account would be held. In the event that your bank gets merged or acquired or it happens to undergo restructuring, then there are chances that the account numbers and the branch codes will change.


When you have the Standard Bank Cresta branch code, you can be sure that funds are transferred to the correct bank account of the recipient, as the branch code plays an important role in fund transfers. This 6-digit code identifies the information you need to send payment from one bank branch to another. So, if there are mistakes, the transaction can fail, and you can minimize it by entering the correct information.

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