Standard Bank Kempton Park Branch Code

Standard Bank Kempton Park Branch Code

When you have to set up a funds transfer from your bank account to the receiver’s account in the Kempton Park branch, then you need the Standard Bank Kempton Park branch code 012442, which indicates the bank and the branch code.

We all have to make banking transactions on a daily basis, but only a few of us know what a branch code is. The Standard Bank Kempton Park branch code ensures that your money goes to the right place when you transfer the payment. Normally, your bank requires one day when you fill out the remittance form. Branch code offers a standardized way for any bank to transmit information to the other so that the financial transaction can be conducted. The network passes this information before it can reach the final destination, the recipient’s account.

What Does The Standard Bank Branch Code Look Like?

The Standard Bank Kempton Park consists of six digits that are comprised of three major components.

  • The first two digits are actually the bank code to which the branch belongs.
  • The next two digits indicate the bank branch rather than the bank’s main office.
  • The last two numbers are known to be the location code, and they show you the city in which the branch is located.

Is It Possible To Find The Bank Branch Code In The Account Number?

If we have a bank account number in a certain bank, we all know the bank’s name and account number. Getting the Standard Bank Kempton Park branch code from the account number is also possible. Keep in mind that the branch code is allocated to the bank branch and not to the bank account.

When you know the bank and remember the branch code, you can find it in your bank account. Normally, it is the starting six figures present in your account number. The entire process is very easy, as you have to make a few selections. Select the bank code you want, type the account number’s first six digits, and click Submit on Standard Bank’s website.


It should be a simple and smooth process to send money to your loved ones. With the help of the Standard Bank Kempton Park branch code, you can conduct payment transfers to the accounts of your loved ones. People trust the code system, as it ensures safe and smooth transactions through the bank with all the available technologies.

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