Standard Bank Vereeniging Branch Code

Standard Bank Vereeniging Branch Code

The Standard Bank Vereeniging branch code is 014637, a unique string of six digits. These digits identify the bank and the branch where the account has been opened.

It can be exciting for anyone to open a bank account for personal or business reasons. So, one can say that a person is closer to laying the foundation of a trading company or opening a café. No matter the reason one has to open a bank account, one must understand how the money gets transferred and paid. For this, one has to get familiarized with the bank details, which include the Standard Bank Vereeniging branch code and the account number. So, it is important to understand what a branch code is and how to use it.

History of the Bank Branch Code

Branch codes were created decades ago, consisting of a single or a double-digit. As the banks expanded and made new branches, further digits were allocated. In the start, they were known as National Codes, but later on, they were given the name branch codes. Keep in mind that they would feature on the checks also.

In the past, most top banks were given just a single digit after their main number. The Metropolitan branches were issued two digits, while the country branches were given more than two. Right from the beginning, every branch code stayed unique, and it was to avoid any mishaps in transactions and check clearance.

What is the Meaning of the Numbers on the Standard Bank Branch Code?

When it is about the bank account number, it consists of eight digits that are unique to the individual. On the other hand, the Standard Bank Vereeniging branch code has six digits split into three equal pairs to identify the bank, which are often adjacent to the bank account number.

The format of the branch code has remained the same throughout the history. The first two digits of the code are made up of the bank, whereas the next two digits represent the branch. The last two digits locate the branch. It is worth mentioning that sometimes, they are split into pairs using a dash.


The Standard Bank Vereeniging branch code combines six digits identifying the bank and its branch. Normally, this number can be found on the front of the bank card. It helps to ensure that the bank quickly identifies where the payments come from. The goal of the branch code is to ensure that the money gets paid to the right bank account while also letting us make easy payments on the go.

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