FNB Branch Name and Code | Address, Phone Number, Universal Codes

FNB Branch Name and Code

If you want to make any online transactions with FNB, you will need the FNB branch name and code. You can get your desired results from many branches, like FNB Broadacres Branch, which has a code 204809.

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Every customer wants more control of where and when he wants to bank. These days, online and mobile banking have made things easier for clients from any location. Now it is possible to check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills from one place through a laptop or a smartphone. FNB is also one of the top South African banks that offers plenty of services to its clients and offers them all the banking facilities.

When transferring money from one location to another, the customer must keep in mind the FNB branch name and code; this makes banking convenient. It is mandatory to know the name of the bank, the branch as well as the branch code so that direct deposit can be set up. If you need the branch name and code, then you have to contact FNB customer service to get the relevant information directly.

Why Does the FNB Branch Name and Code Matter?

FNB is the division of FirstRand bank limited and has become one of the top financial institutes over the past few years. It offers several products to its customers in South Africa and other parts of the world, including financing, lending, business checking, payment services and corporate information. As more South Africans are choosing online banking, FNB has made sure that it provides the latest technology to the customers so that they can have a great banking experience.

The branch code of any FNB branch has six characters that represent the location of the bank branch. The FNB branch name and code matter a lot because it gives all the information about the particular branch to the customer as well as the banking staff. This way, all the bank transactions are done in a safe and secure manner. The best thing about the branch name and code is that a complete record of all transactions is available online for the customer.

How to Find the FNB Branch Name and Code?

Banks & financial institutions in all parts of the world use a bank branch code. Here, the main purpose is to identify the specific location of the branch so that the banking activities can continue. Although IBAN, SWIFT and universal branch code are some of the common methods used in many countries, with the FNB branch name and code, you will get all the details of the receiver and can have peace of mind.

It is also possible to find the branch details from the online bank account and statements that you normally receive in your emails. A bank branch is known to be a physical location away from the home office of the bank. The main purpose of opening the branches is to get more customers and extend their banking network. Not only the main bank office but every branch also provides a face-to-face service for the client’s convenience.

How Can the FNB Branch Locator Help Us?

Like other banks in South Africa, FNB also has a branch locator on its website, which is one of the most popular ways of getting the branch’s physical address and its code. FNB completely understands that its customers are not always able to remember the branch codes, but the branch code remains in their minds. The best thing about the FNB branch locator is that it is specially made keeping the customer in mind. So, the customers have to look for a keyword, and the tool will automatically give the address and the code of the particular branch.

As FNB is a leading innovative South African bank, it aims to give the clients the best experience with all the banking tools, and its branch locator is one of the best examples. As the FNB branch name and code can be difficult to find, the branch locator has made life easy. So, as a customer, if you plan to make an online payment, you can visit the FNB website and instantly get the branch code. FNB also has a universal code that any individual can use and doesn’t need a branch code.

The function of the FNB Branch Locator

The branch locator will display all its results on the webpage. With these results, you will be able to get the FNB branch name, code, address and many other details.

  • All you have to do is visit the FNB website and visit the branch locator.
  • There is a ‘Find a Branch’ heading; here, you will enter the keyword.
  • Now you can choose different options available from the specific branch.
  • In the end, you can hit enter and then click the search icon.

Final Words

If you are frequently into online banking, the best way to find your FNB branch name and code is to log into the account details. This way, you will have complete details like your bank account, account number, branch address and the branch code. Other than that, the branch name and code should also be on the paper statements and letters you tend to receive from FNB.

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