FNB Branch Code Pretoria | Your 2023 Short Guide!

FNB Branch Code Pretoria

FNB Branch Code Pretoria is 251045.

Office Address: North Park Mall. Cnr Rachel De Beer Str & Burger Street

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There was a time when people had to search for the bank branch codes in order to make EFT payments to different banks, but things have changed, and in South Africa, it is possible to find the bank branch codes by visiting the website of the concerned bank.

The First National Bank (FNB) is among the top South African banks where one can easily find the branch codes on the website. It is worth mentioning that there is a difference between a branch code and a universal branch code that one has to keep in mind. If you want to find the FNB branch code Pretoria, you must visit the site and look at the summary of the frequently used bank branch codes.

Why do we FNB Branch Code Pretoria?

All the banks in South Africa have a branch code that people use to make transfers between banks and EFTs. A bank branch code is a six-digit number indicating the location of a branch, and it is an identifier that the bank has assigned to every branch. Although the universal branch code of FNB is 250655, every branch has its own code, and the same is the case with the FNB branches in Pretoria.

A bank branch code also offers additional information about the particular bank branch. Each branch in Pretoria is differentiated by its branch code, and different names in South Africa may also know it. If we are looking for the FNB Pretoria branch code, we can do this by visiting the bank’s website, which is also printed on the passbooks and chequebooks.

FNB Branches in Pretoria

FNB is the oldest South African bank that comes with a vision of transforming a good business into a big business for a better world. There are several FNB branches in Pretoria where clients can visit and make their deposits and withdrawals. Even if you are not an FNB customer, you may still need to know the location of the branches.

You will find a separate FNB branch code Pretoria for every branch because each branch has various financial and banking services. Other than that, there are certain banking products that may be available in a certain branch. Most FNB offices in Pretoria are open on weekdays, while most branches also offer their services on Saturdays, but the working hours may differ.

In Pretoria, FNB has branches in Arcadia, Attlyn, Brooklyn, Hatfield, Lynnwood, Mams Mall, Olympus Plaza, Randburg Square and many more. The branch codes of all the branches vary. The branch code for the Pretoria branch is 251445, for Pretoria North Branch is 251045, and for the Queensburgh branch, the code is 250837.

What is the FNB Branch Code Format?

Whether it is the FNB branch code Pretoria or any other area, it consists of six digits. The bank code is represented by the first two digits, whereas the remaining four digits identify the specific branch. There are dozens of FNB branches in Pretoria with different branch codes, even if they are in the same town or city.

Why are Correct Branch Codes Important?

FNB keeps emphasizing the importance of using the correct branch code. It helps to make sure that the funds reach the desired branch or division without any complications or delays. If you are residing in Pretoria and you put the incorrect branch code, it can lead to misrouting of your funds, delays in processing your transactions, and sometimes it can even cause transaction failures.

The FNB Pretoria branch code is always easy to find, as you can get it by visiting the FNB website. As a customer, it is always better to double-check and verify your bank branch code before you initiate any financial transaction. This way, you will be relaxed, and it will help to ensure that you have a good banking experience.

In Pretoria, there are FNB branches with unique branch codes, but the larger FNB branches or the branches having multiple divisions can have multiple codes. The idea is to facilitate efficient transaction processing and internal routing. When you are able to navigate the branch code variations correctly, you will be sure that the transaction is correctly directed to the intended department of the bank branch.


Undoubtedly, the branch code has become an essential element for accurate and seamless banking transactions. If you are a First National Bank Customer, you must understand how to correctly find and utilize the branch code to direct your funds to the right bank branch. The FNB branch code Pretoria is easy to find. Suppose you are initiating a direct deposit, making an electronic transfer, or verifying the branch details in Pretoria. In that case, you will need the correct branch code so that your banking experience can be streamlined.

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