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FNB Branch Code Gauteng

If you want to access the FNB Branch Code Gauteng’s branch code information, it is 250942.

When we talk about some of the biggest banks in South Africa, they all offer a number of services for customers. FNB is one of the largest banks, which is the division of FirstRand Limited, known to offer huge financial services. It has branches in all parts of the country that offer individual, commercial, and corporate banking services. One can imagine how big FNB is, as it has over 7.2 million customers in South Africa.

Those who perform regular bank transactions through FNB are aware that they have to write the branch code. Like other branch codes, it is always challenging to remember the FNB branch code Gauteng and several other branches, but as a customer, complete information about the branch code in a bank is important.

What is the FNB Branch Code Gauteng?

Like other banks in South Africa, FNB uses a combination of numeric codes known to be the branch codes. The main idea for using a branch code is that it becomes easier to identify a particular bank branch for both the customers and the bankers. Like the FNB branch code Gauteng, people understand where the precise branch belongs; this way, they can send or receive their money to an appropriate address.

The primary application of the FNB branch code is in the financial sector, but it is also helpful in streamlining the processing of bank documents, which also include checks. Gauteng has several FNB branches; the branch code for the Alberton branch is 250942. Other branches like Alexandra have branch code 250045, Attlyn 260324, and the FNB Bankcity branch code 250805.

Why is the Branch Code Important for Banking Transactions?

It doesn’t matter what kind of payment methods the customer adopts; all of them require an FNB branch code Gauteng to complete the fund transfers within and outside Gauteng. The existence of a branch code helps to ensure that all the funds are transferred without any errors to the right destination, as it is very helpful in identifying a particular bank branch.

FNB Branch Code Gauteng

Because of the branch code, customers got rid of the hassle of going through several transaction formalities. There was a time when people used to send money through the local bank branch and had to fill out a lengthy form, but the days of sending money through such a lengthy process are long gone. FNB has made sure that money is sent with speed and utmost convenience due to the advent of the internet and its usage.

What is the Format of the FNB Branch Code?

The FNB branch code has the utmost significance when it comes to the execution of electronic payments to different bank branches. This particular code consists of six characters, as with every other bank’s unique code, and the idea is to send money between different bank branches and other banks, domestically and internationally.

The FNB branch code Gauteng consists of a format of bank identification, the country of the bank, the location of the bank and the bank branch. As a customer, if you want to send or receive money internationally, then you may need a SWIFT code which is different from the branch code. Other than that, FNB also has a universal branch code that remains the same for all its branches, and many people consider it an easy way of making transactions.

How to Search for the FNB Branch Code Gauteng?

The branch code for every bank can be found on the leaf of the checkbook or a passbook given to the customers. There are several other ways through which it has become possible to find the branch code for a particular FNB branch easily. If you are in Gauteng, the best way is to directly visit the FNB website and get the branch code of a particular bank branch that you are looking for.

Other methods of getting the branch code include using the FNB app, where the codes for all the branches are easily available. Besides this, you can also call the bank’s customer service and ask for the branch code of your target branch. The customer service representative will give you all the required information in a quick manner.


Multiple FNB branches have offered numerous services for the past several years. The Central Bank assigns a unique code to the bank branches of all the banks in South Africa, and the same is the case with FNB, as it has a branch code for every branch, even if the bank branches are in the same city. The combination of different digits for the FNB branch code Gauteng plays a big role in making online financial transactions. Through this system, the transactions are done quickly, and customers can have peace of mind.

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