Standard Bank Menlyn Branch Code

Standard Bank Menlyn Branch Code

The branch code indicates where your bank account is held, whereas the account number is your unique identifier. Your Account number and the Standard Bank Menlyn branch code 012345 are needed to complete the basic banking transactions.

These days, most South Africans have to utilize bank services for several reasons, including making fund transfers, paying school fees and bills, making investments and keeping track of all their finances. If a person has to transfer money to a Standard Bank account holder in Menlyn, it is crucial to know the Standard Bank Menlyn branch code during online transactions to direct the funds to the right branch.

Which Bank Branch Code Is 012345

012345 is the Standard Bank Menlyn branch code. Keep in mind that if you are a bank client who has to make transactions on a regular basis, then you must have basic banking knowledge. This includes having complete information about your Standard Bank branch code so that you can have smooth banking transactions.

Now, it is possible to get all the information regarding the bank and its branch online, so it is easy for you to find out which codes are used by your bank branch. If you need help remembering the required branch code, you can always get help from the bank’s branch locator, your bank statement, or directly call the customer service department.

Which Comes First, The Branch Code Or The Bank Account Number?

Normally, the Standard Bank Menlyn branch code comes first, and then the bank account number follows it. The main reason is that the branch code is how a financial institution like Standard Bank identifies itself and its branch. It is coupled with your account number, as you can use it to find your bank account.

It is worth mentioning that every Standard Bank branch is given a unique identification number. There are times when the beneficiary is not added to our list. In that case, we have to look for the exact branch code. Many online sites have assigned numbers according to the branch code system of the institute.


Generally, the Standard Bank Menlyn branch code consists of six digits, while the customer’s account number has around 12 digits. Keep in mind that the codes for domestic and international transfers are different. However, you can easily obtain them online or by getting in contact with the bank’s customer service department.

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