Standard Bank Killarney Branch Code

Standard Bank Killarney Branch Code

You need to be careful when transferring payments online so your money isn’t credited to the wrong bank branch. The Standard Bank Killarney branch code is 007205.

When we transfer money online with the help of a bank account, we only need to ensure that we enter the correct details and the branch code. There is a separate branch code system in every bank. So, to transfer funds through EFT, the first step for you is to register the bank account of the person to whom you are transferring money. Besides the name of the beneficiary, bank’s name, and account number, you also give the Standard Bank Killarney branch code if the bank account of the beneficiary is held in the Killarney branch.

Can We Lose Money By Entering The Wrong Branch Code?

According to the Central Bank, we must add the name of the payee when making an online transfer of funds. Some banks match the beneficiary’s name as a precautionary measure to ensure payment is transferred to the correct account but keep in mind that it is not mandatory for them to do that.

Your Standard Bank Killarney branch code is 007205, but if you enter the wrong branch code, then there are fewer chances of making an error. The main reason is that the majority of banks ask their clients to select the name of the bank as well as the branch from the dropdown. But there are banks that give the option to write the code.

What Happens When We Select The Branch Code Of A Different Branch?

If you have to transfer funds to the Killarney branch of Standard Bank, and you have chosen the branch code of any other branch, then the money transfer would likely happen. Keep in mind that it will happen if all the details that you have entered are correct.

There are a number of banks in South Africa that may not match the name of the beneficiary before the transfer of funds is made. So, even if the branch code is different, your transaction will still go through, but the beneficiary’s account number must match.


There is no doubt that online transfer of funds is a convenient way, but you need to be careful when sending payments to your friends or family members through the branch code. Instead of going for the Standard Bank Killarney branch code, it can become difficult to reverse the transaction and get the money back when we credit money to the wrong bank branch and account. In such a case, you must approach the bank for a solution.

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