Standard Bank Kolonnade Branch Code

Standard Bank Kolonnade Branch Code

If you want to transfer money to the Kolonnade branch of Standard Bank, then you will need the Standard Bank Kolonnade branch code 015945.

There is a thing about codes in a bank; they look non-sensical, but they are there for a purpose. Another number that has become important is the bank branch code. Many people cannot understand the branch code concept, but it is more valuable and relevant than anybody can think. If you have an account in the Kolonnade branch, then you need the Standard Bank Kolonnade branch code to make sure that the online transaction gets complete and you have peace of mind.

What Does The Standard Bank Branch Code Represent?

The branch code of any bank shows where the bank account has been opened or maintained. It consists of 6 digits and can help you to have better insights into online payments. The first two digits represent the institution number, which basically identifies the bank and is the first step in the branch code.

The next two digits represent the bank branch, and the last pair gives the location of the branch. Understanding your Standard Bank Kolonnade branch code is important because you need it for all EFTs, including fund transfers, bill payments, direct deposits and even digital checks.

How To Find Your Standard Bank Branch Code?

You can find the desired bank branch code by using a number of methods. In general, there are three different ways through which you can easily find the branch code where the account is held. These include:

Not only the Standard Bank’s website, but you will be able to see numerous dedicated sites where you can easily find the required bank branch code. These sites allow you to access the list of branches for all the banks in South Africa. Keep in mind that these websites have limitations, but you will be able to get what you want.


If you want to find the Standard Bank Kolonnade branch code where your account is located, you can do it with the help of the branch locator available on the bank’s website. This particular method can be applied to any bank account, and you can access its online banking credentials. By logging into the bank’s online interface, you can access the details of the bank branch and your account number.

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