FNB Bank Universal Branch Code | Updated 2023!

FNB Bank Universal Branch Code

FNB Bank Universal Branch Codes

A universal branch code is a good alternative to the specific branch code. The FNB bank universal branch code is 250655.

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Regarding the banking industry, South Africa has a diverse banking sector that consists of commercial banks, cooperatives, mutuals, and foreign banks’ own branches. Banks like the FNB have sizeable physical footprints in South Africa and outside the continent. FNB is a top bank that offers personal as well as business banking solutions and has millions of customers in all parts of the country.

FNB offers branch codes that are a provision for facilitating the sorting of electronic money transfers. This way, it gets easy for the customers to make a transaction without physically travelling with money. As FNB has to handle a good number of EFTs, so codes are the best way to do it. Although many people go for the specific branch codes, the problem with such codes is that they may be hard to keep in mind, and if one enters the wrong code, the transaction can get failed. So, the FNB bank universal branch code is an ideal solution for making or receiving EFTs quickly and hassle-free.

A Universal Code for All the FNB Branches

We often need to remember our bank’s branch code, especially when we do a lot of online transactions. Different banks in South Africa have different bank codes, but the FNB bank universal branch code remains the same for all its branches. It gives both the options, like the specific and the universal branch code, to the customers so that they can have accuracy and security when doing money transfers. A universal branch code is basically an identity for the bank for mobile and online transfers.

It is worth mentioning that a generic branch code is specific only to your FNB bank and not the branch. Therefore, only the bank will be identified when you use it for transactions. If you are a customer with FNB who frequently uses the branch code, then it will be better to know the universal branch code and the specific branch code. Getting the bank codes from the official FNB website, checkbook or by calling the customer care center is possible.

What Happens When We Use the Wrong Bank Code?

It is always better to try as much as possible to avoid any mistakes when using the code of another bank for transactions. If a situation arrives where you have made a mistake, then the best way is to immediately call your bank and see if it is possible to salvage the situation, and your bank transfer can be reversed. It would be best to keep in mind that mistakes are normally made when you use a specific branch code, as there are numerous bank branches out there, but when you use the FNB bank universal branch code, chances are that you will not get it wrong.

If a situation arrives where your banking transaction cannot be reversed, then you will not be able to do anything, and you will have to blame yourself for the inappropriate code. The main purpose of the unique or universal branch code is to make your online transfer easy and with minimum errors. Therefore, if you are using the wrong branch code, then it will be like thwarting the purpose of the branch codes.

How to Avoid Bank Transfer Issues?

  • Double-Check All the Details

If you are an FNB customer, and even if the bank preloads all the details, it is better to check every figure of the FNB bank universal or unique branch code. As it can be difficult to get back your money, you can go for a test payment of the small amount before you transfer the full amount.

  • Be Ready for the Confirmation Warning

If the given name doesn’t match the registered name with the account details, then you might be dealing with a scammer. Therefore, it is always better to take care before you finalize a transaction.

  • Repeat the Figures with the Payee

There are different ways of making bank payments, but if you are making a transfer through the phone banking service, you should ask the person taking your call to repeat every number. This way, you can be sure that you got all the right details and the universal branch code.


The First National Bank is a prominent and trusted institution that offers a huge number of services to its clients. Whether it is the FNB bank universal branch code or the specific branch code, both are essential aspects of FNB banking. When you are not familiar with the branch code of the recipient, then you can choose the universal branch code your funds are transferred to the correct FNB branch, as the same code can be used for all the FNB branches.

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Bank Name

Universal Bank Code

Swift Code

Absa Bank Limited

632 005


African Bank Limited

430 000


Bidvest Bank Limited

462 005


Capitec Bank Limited

470 010


Discovery Bank Limited

679 000


First National Bank (FNB)

250 655


FirstRand Bank – A subsidiary of First Rand Limited

250 655


Grindrod Bank Limited

223 626


Investec Bank Limited

580 105


Mercantile Bank Limited

450 105


Nedbank Limited

198 765


Old Mutual

462 005


Sasfin Bank Limited

683 000


Standard Bank of South Africa

051 001


SA Post Bank (Post Office)

460 005


Tyme Bank

678 910


r Desired One.