FNB Brackenhurst Branch Code

FNB Brackenhurst Branch Code

The Brackenhurst branch of the First National Bank is located at 1448 Alberton, Gauteng, and the FNB Brackenhurst branch code is 252242.

It is always exciting to open a bank account, whether it is for personal use or business. If it is for business, then you are a step closer to starting your trading company. It doesn’t matter why you are opening a bank account in South Africa; you have to make sure you know how money is paid and transferred out. You can do this by familiarizing yourself with the bank details, account number and bank branch code.

FNB is the first choice of many South African when it comes to banking needs. Your account number in FNB is also a code that is unique, and it helps to identify the bank account. If you have an account in the Brackenhurst branch, then the FNB Brackenhurst branch code identifies your bank and its branch, and it is normally adjacent to the account number. Both the account number and the branch code can easily be found on the bank statement, mobile app and your credit card.

Since When Is Branch Code Being Used?

Banks created the branch code at the beginning of the 20th Century, and at that time, it was known as the ‘National Code’ by the banks and their clients. The main purpose of the branch code was to assist in the manual processing of bank checks. In the start, these codes consisted of a single digit, as the idea was to find out which bank the check belonged to. Later on, two-digit codes were assigned to these banks.

By looking at the success of the single or double-digit code, bank branches were later allocated more digits. Now, these are known as the branch codes and are sometimes featured on the checks as well. As the bank code had a single digit, the branches were given two or three digits to feature the main number. Keep in mind that branch code was always unique, even at that time, while the aim was to avoid any mishap related to check clearance.

Usage Of Modern-Day Branch Codes

Over time, more and more people in South Africa and other parts of the world started to use banks, and this increased the number of check transactions. As an automated system to instated, branch codes made their way to the banks with six digits. The FNB Brackenhurst branch code helps you to send money to and from the Brackenhurst branch, and the money quickly reaches the bank account without any issues.

Keep in mind that most countries in all parts of the world have adopted the IBAN, but some, including South Africa, still use the branch codes. In the UK and other countries, they are known as sort codes, but here, they are known as bank branch codes. No matter what the name is, they all are the same thing, and their purpose is to identify a specific bank branch so that the payment can be sent in a hassle-free manner.

Why Branch Codes Are Different In The Same Bank?

If you have opened a bank account in the Brackenhurst branch of FNB, then you will have the FNB Brackenhurst branch code, which is 252242. Let’s suppose that your family also follows you and opens a bank account in FNB, but this account has not been opened in the Brackenhurst branch. So, it clearly means that the bank accounts have been opened in different bank branches and are different. If you compare your and the family member’s bank branch codes, they will be slightly different.

When you have a close look at the branch codes, you will notice that only the first two digits will match. It means that the last four digits will be different and unique to the branch where the account has been opened and held. If you know your bank branch code but don’t know the branch code of the family member, you can easily find it from various places. The best way is to visit the FNB website, have a look at your bank statement or contact the customer service department of the bank.


When you have to make a payment and would like to check whether you have sent the amount to the right bank or not, you can always take advantage of the branch code locator. The locator is also helpful in finding out which bank your branch code belongs to. In order to use your FNB Brackenhurst branch code, you need to enter the name of the branch. Other than that, the branch code is also available on the credit or debit card that the bank issues you. Remember that your branch code is always present in the account number where you opened the account.

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