FNB Global Branch Code

FNB Global Branch Code

The global or universal branch code is a single code that can be used for all bank branches. The FNB global branch code is 250 655.

These days, banking has gone online, and people use Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) to pay for everything. This is why many will continue to ask for bank branch codes, but it is the process that makes the transfer of funds from one place to another in a quick and easy manner. The branch codes have become a standard practice for banks in South Africa, and they are popular not only for international funds transfers but also the local ones.

First National Bank is one of the South African financial giants and is among the banks that deal with many fund transfers within South Africa and abroad. Although there are branch codes for each FNB branch, nowadays, the majority of people go for the FNB global branch code. The global or universal branch code can be used in the absence of a particular code assigned to a unique bank branch to which the bank account is domiciled. Global branch code has become popular in no time, and the majority of South Africans prefer it over the unique branch code.

What is the FNB Global branch code?

Undoubtedly, people keep inquiring about the branch code even if banking goes online and all the purchases are made through EFTs. The main purpose of a branch code is that the bankers employ them to facilitate an uncomplicated and efficient money movement from one location to another. The branch codes are standard practice, but now they are being replaced with the global or the universal branch code.

The FNB global branch code is a unique code allowing the use of online or mobile banking in South Africa. The code is 250 655, which you can use for all the transactions across different branches of FNB. The main advantage of a global or a universal branch code is that it eliminates the need to look up or remember an individual branch code. As the international branch code is user-friendly, so it has become popular over the past few years, thus making banking convenient for South African customers.

The Importance of the FNB Global Branch Code

As a customer, you might need clarification about whether you should go for a standard or a global branch code. Here is why the FNB global branch code is a much better option instead of the unique FNB code.

  • Over the years, when you make many payments through the bank, it becomes difficult to determine which branch code you have to use.
  • The majority of banks in South Africa have started to recognize how inconvenient it can be for customers to use specific branch codes. This is why bankers opt for standardized banking codes in some cases.
  • There is no doubt that, at times, transferring money from one South African banking institution to another can be quite stressful and annoying with the unique branch code.
  • It has been noticed that even a simple thing like adding a new recipient can become difficult for some people. Other than that, many of us frequently get stressed out by double-checking the branch codes and account numbers until the payment is submitted.

Global Branch Code Vs. Branch Code

South Africa allows banking customers to choose between a uniform or a global branch code and the individual branch code of a bank. Those who choose a user-friendly bank like FNB that offers a common code for all its branches will also discover that the bank also offers numerous other options. The following is the main difference between the global and branch codes.

  • Global Branch Code

It is a single code that can be used for all the branches of a particular bank. It simply means that this single code can be used for any bank transaction that you make. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which bank branch you have opened the account at. When you have a global code, you don’t need to search for the unique code when paying or collecting online.

  • Branch Code

The main purpose of a bank branch code is to identify the area where the branch of a particular branch is located. Like every other bank, FNB also has a specific branch code for each branch in South Africa and other countries.


Many FNB customers may need to be made aware when they go for FNB Internet banking; the code is normally chosen by the system itself as soon as you choose the bank. If you are among those who make frequent banking transactions, then you can choose the FNB global branch code when making online payments. It is worth mentioning that as a customer, you can have a look at all the transaction history, and your payments can still be tracked accordingly.

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