FNB International Branch Code

FNB International Branch Code

International branch code is a user-friendly number that comes in handy when you have to transact banking business online. The FNB international branch code is 250 655.

Customers who want to do banking always look for user-friendly and easier ways. The best thing about the codes is that they save a lot of time and stress and also make it hassle-free for the bank to process the transactions. Most banks in South Africa use the universal or international branch code to foster a great banking experience among their prestigious clients.

FNB is one of the major banks in South Africa that has several branches and, therefore, has millions of users in all parts of the country. If you have an FNB bank account, it has its own branch code, but in order to facilitate the transactions, there is an FNB international branch code that is the unified representation of the bank’s codes. For customers, it is important that they understand the difference between a specific and a generic branch code so that they can take advantage of the great banking services from FNB.

What is the FNB International Branch Code?

The FNB international branch code is a combination of numbers that the clients can use in all bank branch locations. This particular code makes the account holder’s life much easier because it is uniform for all the bank branches. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the client has opened the bank account; this code can be used in all the branches. There is no request for payment with a branch code. Instead, one can use the generic or the international code.

If you are an FNB branch holder and want to make a transaction in person or at another bank branch, you can use the generic code. It simplifies the process of all payments, and it is extremely beneficial to those internet users who find the specific branch codes to be difficult to remember and often make their payments through the internet.

The major differences between the international and the specific branch code are a subject of interest for many FNB customers. Although many people are familiar with these terms, several others have yet to learn what they are. The universal branch code is user-friendly and beneficial because one only has to set friends and family up as their recipients and move on with their payments at any time.

Is Universal Branch Code the Same as the SWIFT or BIC Code?

When we talk about the FNB international branch code, it is different from the SWIFT or the BIC code. While the main purpose of the international or universal branch code is to identify a particular bank within South Africa to make domestic transactions, the SWIFT or BIC codes are completely different. Mainly they are used for international transactions and are helpful in identifying specific banks and their branches in all parts of the world.

There are a number of people who might need clarification regarding where to find the universal branch code. The good news is that all these codes are widely available for online clients. The best way to look for them is to visit the bank’s official website, like the FNB. Other than that, one can also contact the bank’s customer service, whereas there are a number of financial websites out there that list all these important generic codes.

Is it Safe to Share the Universal Branch Code of a Bank?

When you are about to make a transaction with FNB, then sharing your FNB international branch code should not be a problem, and it is completely safe. It is worth mentioning that such codes are public information, and their purpose is to identify the banks when the customers are making electronic transactions. However, it is always advised not to share your personal banking information, which includes the account number, password, or pin, with any individual.

As a customer, you should also keep in mind that the international branch codes are unique to the banks in South Africa. There might be different systems in other countries to identify the banks and their branches for making domestic transactions. Using the right international code is always advised because it can result in errors, delays, or the transaction being rejected.


When you have the FNB international branch code, it becomes easy for you to transact safely with First National Bank. Rather than keeping several individual branch codes, you can instead decide to make use of your universal or international branch code so that your banking transactions can be safeguarded. Like other banks, FNB also has numerous sublets, and each sublet has its own branch code, which is important for making transactions. Whether it is the current or savings account, mastering a single special number helps you to transact, and it doesn’t matter which outlet you are sending money to.

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