FNB Longbeach Mall Branch Code

FNB Longbeach Mall Branch Code

When you intend to undertake a payment transfer to another bank account, it is important that you know the specific branch code where the bank account is held. The FNB Longbeach Mall branch code is 260300.

The South African banking network is known to be among the most sophisticated networks of the world’s banking services. The Central Bank is the parent body that regulates the banking services in South Africa, and every transaction that a bank makes there is made with the help of the specific branch code assigned to every branch of a bank. When you use the FNB Longbeach Mall branch code to transfer funds, it means that your beneficiary’s bank account will be in the Longbeach Mall branch.

Keep in mind that the branch code facilitates banking services like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Not only this code help in bank transactions, but it is also helpful for the Central Bank to track the money flow. This way, the function of various banks and their branches in different areas can easily be monitored. In other words, it is safe and can be very helpful for developing banking services.

How Are Branch Code And EFT Related?

When you make an online transfer of funds, you will be using the EFT, a worldwide system allowing people, businesses and even corporations to make payments to any individual or a business at any bank branch in the entire country. Keep in mind that with EFT, money is not sent in real-time, which means that it is paid in batches. For this, you will be required to find the branch code where you have to transfer the payments with EFT.

An important point to be noted is that your EFT can only be made if you have the branch code. If the beneficiary gives you the address of the Longbeach Mall branch, then you will require the FNB Longbeach Mall branch code to complete payment. With the help of your unique branch code, the money will find its destination from one bank branch to another, and the process of money transfer will be easy and quick.

Is It Possible To Search The Bank With The Help Of The Unique Branch Code?

If you want to look for the bank with the help of the specific branch code, you need to have a proper understanding of it. Every digit of the six-number code means something. When you look at the first two characters, they would be the name of the bank you want to locate. With the help of the next four digits, you can get information about the particular branch of the bank, while you can also get its location.

With the advent of technology, there are a number of websites, including the official FNB website, that will indicate and help you to find the concerned bank and its branch. When you enter 260300 on these websites, this is the FNB Longbeach branch code, which means that you will obviously get information about the Longbeach branch of the First National Bank. Not only this bank branch you can be sure to find any bank branch with a simple click.

What Are The Best Ways To Find A Specific Branch Code?

If you have the bank statement, checkbook or passbook of the account with the bank, you can easily find the concerned branch code. However, if you are searching for details regarding the branch code of another bank, then you can easily do it by visiting its official website or calling the helpline number of the bank.

  • Every FNB client or account holder would possess a checkbook where the branch code is already available.
  • You can identify a particular code on the account holder’s bank statement.
  • If you want to find the FNB Longbeach Mall branch code, the best way to get it is to visit the FNB website and use the branch locator. Here, you will not only find the desired code, but you can get more details which include the data and its location.
  • By searching on Google, you will find numerous third-party websites that will help you to extract the details of the branch code of the bank that you would like to have.


Before you make any payment on the mobile banking app of FNB or the website, you will require the FNB Longbeach Mall branch code of the beneficiary. Once you are able to enter the branch code, then the FNB website or the app will detect the branch where the user has opened the bank account. Any money that you transfer through the EFT will reach the bank account of the beneficiary in a quick manner. In banking, it is one of the quickest ways of money transfer and is also considered to be very secure.

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