FNB Matatiele Branch Code

FNB Matatiele Branch Code

If you have to make an online transfer of funds to the Matatiele branch, then you will need the FNB Matatiele branch code 220322.

There is quite a possibility that many people have seen a string of numbers on the bottom of their paper checks and the back of their credit cards. One can understand that these numbers have something to do with financial transactions, but most have yet to learn what they mean. These are the bank account numbers that are used to identify a unique financial account in a bank. It is worth mentioning that these numbers are used for every financial transaction, and therefore, they have their own importance.

Bank account numbers have been existing for many years, but over time, innovation in technology was required to keep them secure. So, banks like FNB are using specific and universal branch codes to ensure that funds transfer between two bank accounts remains secure. In order to make a transaction successful, there must be two account numbers and the FNB Matatiele branch code, which is the branch code of the recipient.

Usage Of A Unique Branch Code For An Account Number

There is always a unique account number assigned to every financial account by the bank, while the bank branch where the account is held comes with a specific branch code. When your recipient is in the town of Matatiele, and you have to transfer funds to his account number, then you have to use the FNB Matatiele branch code for that purpose. Because of the branch code, your EFT is routed safely from your bank account number toward the receiver’s bank account in a quick time.

Your FNB branch code is a sequence of 6 digits. There are various financial institutions in South Africa, so if it is small, then it will have a single branch code, but a larger institution may have several, depending on the location of the branches. The Central Bank issues this code, and if there is any change in the location of a particular bank branch, then there are chances that the applicable branch code will also change.

Is There A Difference Between The Account Number And The Branch Code?

When there is a bank-related financial transaction, it always requires the name of the recipient, the account number, and the unique branch code. When it is about the FNB Matatiele branch code, it identifies the bank and its specific branch, whereas the account number refers to the bank account of the customer. The best thing about the branch code is that it enables any financial institution like the FNB to track where the funds have originated and to which location they are going.

Branch codes are required by financial institutions in South Africa for processing different types of transactions like loan payments, check deposits, direct deposits, and wire transfers. A bank account number is always unique to the financial account. A client can have multiple bank accounts, and every account has a separate account number, but the branch code that holds the bank account of the customer always remains the same.

How To Find The Account Number And The Branch Code On A Check?

When you have a look at your check, you can easily find your account number and the branch code on it. Keep in mind that your branch code is a string of six numbers that you will be able to find on the bottom-left side of your check. On the other hand, your bank account number is a string of 7 to 11 digits, and you will find it on the bottom-right-hand side of the check. Other than that, you can also find your bank account number on the invoices and the bank statements.

There is always a specific branch code on your check which specifies in which branch of FNB your bank account was opened. In comparison to that, your account number is an indication of your unique financial account and all the information associated with it. Some people tend to mix their account numbers with the SWIFT code, but there is a clear difference between the two. So, when transferring funds, one has to be careful about the account number, the branch code, and the SWIFT code.


There was a time when bank account numbers were great for financial account security and authenticity. With the advent of new technologies, bank accounts can be prone to friction, errors, and even fraud. These days, new security measures like the FNB Matatiele branch code can be helpful in strengthening your bank account numbers. Keep in mind that because of the increase in the risk of financial identity theft, banks like FNB keep investing in improved digital tools, and their idea is to protect the account information and prevent fraud.

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