FNB Sandton Branch Code

FNB Sandton Branch Code

If you like to perform any banking and financial activities at the FNB Sandton branch, then its branch code is 254605.

The importance of having up-to-date and accurate information on the bank documents like the passbook, checkbook, website and mobile app cannot be overstated. The main reason is that customers frequently use these details to complete their financial transactions. The same is the case with a branch code which is necessary for identifying a specific bank branch and is needed when making EFTs.

Clients need the FNB Sandton branch code when they are using Internet banking. As it is never easy to remember a particular bank branch code like the Sandton branch code, this is why many users need help finding the correct branch code online. Because of this, FNB has listed the exact branch code that you want in a quick and simple way in its branch locator, while one can also get information about branch code from its website, checkbook and mobile app.

Why Do We Need The FNB Branch Code?

If you are a First National Bank customer, you will require the FNB Sandton branch code to be successful for money transfers and other types of financial transactions. It is worth mentioning that this particular branch code is only for the FNB Sandton branch, which means that all other FNB branches have their own specific branch codes. Hence, as a client, you should only go for the unique branch code for Sandton and not any other branch code.

Although there are other options for sending and receiving funds, including the universal or generic branch code and the SWIFT code, the branch code is completely different. If you are using the FNB Sandon branch for funds transfer, then it is better that you stick to the specific branch code unless you want to use the universal branch code. The main advantage of the universal branch code is that it can be used on all FNB branches, while the unique branch code is only limited to transactions with respect to that particular branch.

Where Can We Locate The FNB In Sandton?

The FNB Sandton branch location is Shop 5-11 Sandton City Complex, 5th Street, Sandton. This is where the desired FNB branch can be found. There are times when as a customer, you are required to visit the banking branch in person to perform certain financial and banking transactions. You need to know the FNB Santon branch code so that you can easily make any banking transactions and have peace of mind.

It is worth mentioning that when visiting the Santon branch of the FNB bank, you can access internet banking services, loans, auto insurance, life insurance and also mortgage services. Before visiting the location, you can contact the customer service department for directives. Other than that, it is always ideal to know the trading hours of the particular branch before you go there, as it will save a lot of time for you.

How To Get The FNB Sandton Branch Code?

As a customer, if you are facing any problems with the services offered by First National Bank, which include the FNB Sandton branch code or the sort code, you can get in touch with their customer service representative. The following are some of the other ways that can help you get the FNB branch code.

  • FNB Branch Locator

You can get the list of the FNB branch codes by visiting the FNB website and using the branch locator. You can find the branch codes you want by doing a simple search. Other than that, you can also look for the FNB branches that come with advanced ATMs. Moreover, the branch locator helps to search for the branches that may not be affected by load shedding.

  • Using a Mobile App

You can always use the FNB mobile banking app to find the branch codes if you are an FNB client. Here, you can enter the location or the details of the particular branch, and the app will automatically provide you with the relevant bank branch code.

  • Searching Online

One of the quickest and easiest methods of getting your desired branch code is to search for it online. You can use the search engine and type the location of the specific FNB branch that you want. The search result will automatically provide you with the required branch code.

Final Thoughts

FNB is expanding its branch network across South Africa and throughout the African Continent. Its clients can now make banking transactions when they visit these branches. The FNB Sandton branch code is 254605, which is different from its universal and SWIFT code. Although the majority of people prefer online banking with FNB, still, many people opt for the FNB branches because certain services are offered only in a bank branch. Those who need to contact FNB for any concerns can always visit their official website and get all the required information about branch banking.

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