FNB Bayside Branch Code

FNB Bayside Branch Code

Your branch code is a number indicating the bank and the branch. The Bayside branch code of FNB is 203809.

There was a time when individuals had to visit the bank for any transactions, but with the advancement of technology, banks have found convenient ways of transactions in a secure manner. Bank customers in South Africa have been using branch codes for many years, and the idea of using such codes is to make things easier by identifying any details required for account and money transactions. There are two types of codes used by the majority of banks that include a specific branch code and a universal code.

Out of the top financial institutions in South Africa, FNB is the one that uses both the specific and the universal branch code for the convenience of its customers. The FNB Bayside branch code consists of six digits. With the help of this code, it is possible to tell the bank where the account belongs and its branch where the bank account is domiciled. This way, it is possible to make hassle-free banking transactions, and it is also helpful for the banking staff to identify the correct bank branch.

What Details Are Required To Transfer Money?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you will need the FNB Bayside branch code for sending money to the payee in FNB Bayside Shopping Center, Cape Town branch. Whether it is an online bank transfer, a telephone transfer or an in-branch transfer, other than that, you will be required to fill in the following details of the organization or the individual to whom you are sending.

  • Name of the individual or the business that you are paying.
  • The date you would like the payment to be made.
  • The 6-digit branch code of the account that you are paying.
  • The payee’s Account number and the payment reference to let them know where the money came from.
  • There are times when you require the name and address of the bank where you are making the transaction. It can be helpful for the bank staff to check whether your branch code is right or not.

What If There Is A Problem With The Payment?

As an FNB customer, if you come to know that there is an issue with the payment, then the first step for you is to contact the bank. If the payment has already been made, then the bank will not be able to stop it. It is always a good idea to keep a record of your correspondence with the bank when resolving the issue. You need to make a note of the error or the mistake, which includes the date when it was made and all the bank details where the money was sent, which also includes the FNB Bayside branch code.

The bank will investigate your case within two working days after you inform them about it. When the investigation completes, the amount must return to you within a few days. When the bank is sure that the mistake is genuine, it will contact you, inform you about the mistake, and get it back to you. If the individual you have sent to refuses to return the amount, the bank will inform you about the investigation from the date the error has been made.

Is It Safe To Share The Bank Account Number And The Branch Code?

Normally, sharing the account number and bank branch code is completely safe. As an FNB client, you will be required to share the details any time that you want somebody to send payment to your account. It is not possible for anyone to use your account number and the FNB Bayside branch code to transfer money out of your bank account. So, you don’t need to worry about sharing any details with anyone over the phone or online.

If you have a business invoicing customers, then it would be better for you to include your bank account number and the branch code on the invoice. This way, your customers can pay you through bank transfer. It is always advised not to give your PIN, card number and card expiry date until you are paying for anything to a trusted vendor. Fraudsters can use such details to access your funds in the bank account.


Using the FNB Bayside branch code and account number for your domestic transfers within South Africa is possible. If you want to receive money from abroad, you can opt for the universal branch and SWIFT codes. It is worth mentioning that FNB is one of the leading South African banks that ensures the security of online transactions while offering insight into the precise bank location. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick way to send and accept payments, then nothing can beat FNB. You will need to ensure that you have the correct branch code for the desired branch.

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