FNB Galleria Branch Code

FNB Galleria Branch Code

The FNB Galleria branch code is 220127, an identifier code to ensure that the bank transaction ends up in the right bank account.

Every country has its own banking system, and the South African banking system is among the most advanced and customer-friendly ones. When you open a bank account in South Africa, you will be given an account number and the branch code. Although they are a combination of digits, these numbers are the foundation of your bank account and allow money transfers to the account.

When you are a regular FNB customer, you need to understand the purpose of the bank account number, and if you have an account in the Galleria branch, then you will require the FNB Galleria branch code. Although it is always easy for the sender or receiver to find the required branch code, in case one tends to forget it; it is possible to get it through the branch locator and confirm the details of the branch code.

When Do We Need The Bank Branch Code?

Many people don’t realize it, but the branch code can be an important factor in a bank account. This 6-digit number is helpful in identifying not only the bank but also the specific branch. When we look at the FNB Galleria branch code, it is normally split into different pairs. The first two digits help to identify the bank, as every bank has a separate code. When we look at the last four digits, they refer to the specific bank branch where the account has been opened.

Keep in mind that certain banks, including FNB, also use the universal or the generic branch code. The FNB universal branch code is 250655, and this code can be used for any FNB branch. It means that the generic branch code will remain the same. In order to easily find and check any branch code, the FNB website has a branch locator that will tell you where the specific branch code belongs to. It will also help you with more details like the bank branch’s different services.

Where Is The FNB Branch Code Located?

It is possible for you to find the FNB Galleria branch code online or in the banking app. Keep in mind that there are a number of banks in different parts of the world that print the branch code on the front and back of the bank card with the account number. On the other hand, some banks don’t display the branch codes on their debit cards because some branchless banks have the same branch code for all customers.

When we look at the difference between the specific branch code and the IBAN, there is a significant difference. Compared to the IBAN, the branch code relies completely on the information offered by the bank. It is worth mentioning that the specific bank branch code is always unique and contains six characters, and all of them convey the specific bank details.

Where Do I See My Bank Account Number?

As the bank account number can be a little longer and contains more than six digits, so one can forget it. Those who want to find their bank account number with FNB can easily find it on the bank statements by searching online or on the banking app. Keep in mind that some banks can print the bank account number on the front and the back of the bank card; however, you should never confuse it with a card number, which can contain 16 digits, and you can usually find it in the middle of the bank card.

If you are a personal bank account holder in FNB, you can find your bank account number on the back of the card. The best way to get details about your FNB account number or the FNB Galleria branch code is to use the banking app given to you by FNB. This app contains plenty of information that you will require regarding any FNB branch, your account number or the branch code. Not only the banking app but even if you search for any FNB branch code on Google, you can easily get all the details for having a seamless banking experience.


Any individual who wants to transfer money to the same bank or another bank needs to use a bank branch in order to do so because this is how different branches and banks communicate with each other. If you have to send money to the recipient in the FNB branch Galleria, then you will require the FNB Galleria branch code to make sure that it ends up in the correct bank account. Likewise, if you have to receive money, then the sender has to know the details of your branch code so that you can receive it without any issues.

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