FNB National Branch Code

FNB National Branch Code

FNB is one of the few South African banks that use a universal branch code to assist its clients. The national branch code of FNB is 250 655.

If you have to deal with a lot of banking transactions on a daily basis, you might be looking for a bank that will help you save a lot of your time. As a customer, you need to have accurate information about the top financial institutions in South Africa. The First National Bank, or FNB, is among the top financial institutions that will ensure that all your financial transactions are directed to the exact bank account.

The FNB national branch code will help you make your payments in an easy manner. The best thing about this code is that you don’t need a special branch code to send or receive money, as the national or universal branch code can be used in all the FNB branches. Besides this, there is also a branch locator on the FNB website that will help you will complete the details and addresses of all the branches.

Why Has Online Banking Become Popular In South Africa?

When we talk about online banking in South Africa, it can be accessed through a computer or a mobile app. In order to do online banking with FNB, you need to have a bank account, a password and an internet connection. One of the major advantages of online banking is that you can bank at any time from any location as it can sometimes be possible to take our time of the day so we can log into the account and pay our bills right away.

If we want to do a rapid transfer to our vendor or client, we can easily do that. All we need is the FNB national branch code, and the money will be transferred online in a secure manner. Other than that, the banking fees when our business banks online. The main reason is that there is a no-fee option that can add to the savings.

What Is The FNB National Branch Code?

These days, the majority of people use the FNB national branch code when making their payments to their current or savings accounts. The FNB universal or national branch code is superb in aiding its clients. There was a time when branch codes were considered the only option. These are the numbers that identified each of the FNB branches based on the location and the region. Along with the account number, the clients were given the branch code by FNB for the specific branch.

Branch codes were always challenging to find, as people had to hunt for them on the official website of the bank and go to the branch locator. As a result, they were only sometimes able to find the branch code for a specific location and area. This is where the universal branch code has become helpful for them, as they have to keep one six-digit code in mind, and all the transfers are made without any issues. The globally recognized number of FNBs is 250 655, through which users can make their online payments.

What Are The Advantages Of The FNB National Branch Code?

As a client, if you are looking for a transactional account that is suitable for all your banking needs, then nothing can be better than banking with FNB. With the help of online banking through FNB, one can bank securely from any location, pay bills, transfer funds and also review the account activity. For this, the FNB national branch code has become important. The following are some of its advantages.

  • The majority of clients go for the national branch code, and the main reason is that it has become the industry standard.
  • Not all individuals are able to memorize the specific branch codes. So, the FNB branch code, which is also known as the international branch code, can be very helpful in saving time.
  • Another great advantage of the universal branch code is that it has become a great alternative for bankers who feel comfort in employing a single universal branch code and don’t have to look for the unique code of each branch.


The majority of banks in South Africa are aware that business owners look for convenience and ease of online banking. Keeping that in mind, FNB also keeps upgrading and improving its digital assets. There are a number of people who hunt for a different FNB branch code in order to make transactions to the right branch, but the FNB national branch code is among the best solutions to transfer money to other banks. This single global branch code can be used at all the FNB branches and is a great relief for those who make frequent transfers.