Standard Bank Wonderpark Branch Code

Standard Bank Wonderpark Branch Code

Finding your bank branch code is a straightforward task. It is usually available in the online banking app, account or bank statements. The Standard Bank Wonderpark branch code is 016145.

Any individual who has to send domestic payments through the bank comes across the term ‘Branch Code’. Understanding what it is and how it functions is important for anyone wanting to send online money to friends or family members. Also, one can transfer payments to anyone doing business with. The Standard Bank Wonderpark branch code is helpful in identifying the specific branch and is used when you have to make phone or online transactions.

What Does the Branch Code Look Like?

When we talk about the branch code, it is a unique number that the Central Bank assigns to each and every branch of the bank. It is generally user-friendly and can be used for any bank transaction, even if the account is opened or held in a different branch. The Standard Bank Wonderpark branch code has a global appearance for ease of usage.

It is easy to find the branch code, and banks can also use it easily. The code is six characters long and comes in the following format.


There is a different identifying element that every digit of the code offers.

  • The first two characters of the code look like the shortened version of the bank’s name.
  • The next two characters refer to the branch.
  • The last two characters refer to the location of the branch.

How Does the Standard Bank Branch Code Work?

When you want to send a domestic payment through Standard Bank, you must rely on the corresponding banks’ wider network. With the help of the Standard Bank Wonderpark branch code, both banks work together to move money from one place to another till it reaches the beneficiary.

The branch code helps to ensure that the payment is directed towards the right bank. The entire process is quite straightforward for the customers. You would require the branch code of the recipient, along with the required account details, so you can make the payment without any hassle.

Final Words

In order to send money to South Africa, you will require the Standard Bank Wonderpark branch code of the recipient. If you don’t have it, you can use the online branch locator or directly ask your recipient. Double-check the code with the person you are transferring the amount to, as it will not cause any payment delays, and the amount will not be sent back to you.

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